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All about Anna,
the "One Woman Band"

Anna has always been musically gifted. She started out playing piano and singing with her family from a very young age, and that grew into a career after she studied music in college and learned over 20+ instruments. Anna brings something unique to the table that not many performers in this area can, because she is a one woman band! Playing up to 8 instruments at a time with her ability to use live looping technology, she has truly found her niche in the world of solo performing. And it doesn't end there! She is also a natural born storyteller, and has several original songs, mostly belonging to the folk/country genre, but also some with southern gospel and jazz influences. Anna is a versatile instrumentalist and singer, so she can accommodate venues of all sizes, as well as customize a performance to suit your needs. Solo pianist/guitarist, a capella vocalist, or full band sound-- she's got you covered!

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